Your Guide to fitting, fixing of gutter and pipe profiles. For additional questions and queries please get in touch with our technical team in the live chat or via email/ phone.

When installing the gutters that AGD supply there is no obligation to fit falls. The vast majority of the rainwater systems are fixed level. With regards to half round systems, these are fitted with external fascia brackets.

Fixing Support Centres

Aluminium Moulded Ogee gutters only 600mm – 750mm maximum; extra fixing points on either side of all fittings.

 Support Brackets External/Internal

  • Aluminium Half round gutters: brackets should be fixed at 750mm centres; with an additional bracket on either side of all fittings.
  • Moulded Ogee gutters: brackets should be placed at 750mm centres; with an additonal fixing brackets on either side of all fittings.
  • Box gutters: brackets should be placed at 750mm centres; with an additinal fixing bracket on either side of all fittings.
  • Non-standard gutters: bracket centres varies based on the girth and profile. Please consult AGD Technical Services Department for more information about this. 

Snow Loading – it´s snow joke!  

In locations where there is a strong likelihood of excessive snow loading both an external and internal support bracket should be installed.

Gutter Jointing

Installers should clean and dry all jointing areas with a low alkaline degreasing agent. Apply a thick bead of low modulus translucent silicone sealant as stocked by AGD to the internal base and sides of the gutter. Position the connecting collar in place and align with corresponding fixing bolt holes.Securely fasten the nuts starting at the base of the gutter. The silicone will be compressed and displaced into the bolt holes and between the gutter and the connecting collar. Wipe off any excess silicone and do the same for all joints and fittings.

Pipe Joints 

All rainwater pipe sockets are of a light drive fit, apply a light bead of silicone to the internal aperture inside the socket before connection. This will give a permanent flexible seal and prevent any leakage from capillary action.

Fixings and Fastenings

Install the following using aluminium and stainless steel fasteners :

  • Gutters: Direct and bracket fix use 12x40mm round head screws and washers.
  • Gutter joint fixings: Use 6mm mushroom head bolts, nuts and washers. 
  • Pipe fixings: For fixing of eared pipe sockets and pipe brackets use either a 6mm expanding bolt or a 12x50mm round head screw and plug.