Wall coping or capping is extremely beneficial and prevalent in modern day building works. It adds aesthetical and practical enhancement to parapet and perimeter walls. In addition, wall coping/capping provides an extremely attractive and symmetrical finish to the outline of any building. When new structures are considered, wall coping is a staple in the reduction of future maintenance. Coping/capping can be supplied in a range of shapes and sizes to suit all wall types and are polyester powder coated to merge or contrast with the wall colour.
Wall coping/capping provides two main services to new and existing parapet walls. Coping is universally reconginsed as n extremely cost efficient way of protecting and waterpoofing existing perimeter structures. Wall coping is often specified by architects to eliminate the need for regular maintenance in the future. Aluminium Coping is supplied in a range of shape and sizes to suit any wall. It can be painted in a number of shades and colours to suit or contrast with the style of the building.

Technical Specification

AGD supply a coping range that is aluminium alloy 14 gauge (2.0mm) to BS 1470 SIC. Ventilation is allowed for by the continuous aperture between the sides of the wall and coping lengths.


Coping sizes are always bespoke depending upon the wall it is being fitted to. When measuring the wall it much include for all rendering and structures. Coping usually comes in 3.0m lengths however, AGD supply a range of sizes to help you eliminate waste and save as much money as possible.

Accessories and Fittings

All of our 90 degree corners and non standard are fabricated and welded in house. There are an extensive range of stop-ends and ‘T’ sections made to order.


The coping system is secured in position by clipping both edges of the coping beneath the secured holding down bracket. Aesthetically, the system guarantees minimal visibility of fixings from ground level. The brackets are fixed to the top of the wall at the prescribed intervals using HPS 6/5 hammer screws or stainless fixings.