Cast Iron Benefits

The 6 amazing benefits of cast iron gutter and pipe

But AGD – the clue is in the name, you only supply aluminium gutters right? Wrong! At AGD we understand the properties of cast iron and have experience supplying, installing and maintaining it on a range of buildings nationwide.


Cast Iron does not, and will not bend or change shape under significant load. This means it is the ideal selection for long term investment and management of a property.


Cast Iron has a wealth of suitable properties which allow it to endure the demands of construction installation, painting and transportation. Expansion joints are not required with cast iron guttering as its low coefficient means it does not expand or contract. Cast Iron is extremely common and useful in public buildings as it has a significantly less chance of being damaged and causing harm to the public.


Cast iron pipe systems can be one of the most durable elements of a building, being able to withstand
mechanical unblocking and maintenance adds to its normal daily use. Resistant to damage fromhot
liquids and cast iron does not warp or fade in the sun; protective primer and high-specification paint
coatings also provide improved performance when exposed to aggressive substances.

Fire Resistant

Cast iron is non-combustible and will not contribute to the spread or burning away of flames, emit toxic fumes, or melt and drip in the event of a fire. Building codes do not require the installation of intumescent fire collars on cast iron systems.

Low Maintenance

Cast iron, also known as a fit-and-forget material, requires little maintenance, which is especially important when the pipework is concealed and inaccessible, and when maintenance would be disruptive to the building’s occupants. Although annual inspections are recommended, if systems are properly installed, only periodic painting should be required.

Long Lasting

Cast iron provides durability for rainwater, soil, and drainage solutions; installations have been proven to last well over 100 years. Physical properties and standards are retained throughout a product’s lifetime, making it remarkably simple to extend or repair existing systems.


Cast iron has a lower impact on energy consumption and CO2 emissions than PVC and aluminium when the installation cycle, embodied energy, embodied CO2, maintenance and repair cost, and whole life cost are all considered.


Cast iron has a lower impact on energy consumption and CO2 emissions than PVC and aluminium when the installation cycle, embodied energy, embodied CO2, maintenance and repair cost, and whole life cost are all considered.


Cast iron’s sound-deadening properties provide superior acoustic performance, which is especially beneficial for internal piping in hospitals, hotels, and apartment buildings where noises would be especially disturbing. Exterior above-ground systems will not twist or creak due to temperature changes and will not rattle in high winds if properly installed.

Cost Effective

Cast iron systems are more cost-effective than other materials due to their unrivalled life span and low maintenance requirements. It can also save money when alternative products require intumescent fire collars, sound insulation, expansion joints, extra support brackets, or special bedding to meet building codes.


Cast iron rainwater systems, in particular, adhere to historical styles, preserving the aesthetics of the original architecture of conservation buildings or new projects that wish to honour local heritage. Many listed buildings necessitate the use of genuine cast iron for restoration; replica systems cannot match the strength, character, and integrity of an original system.


A comprehensive range of standard products provides rainwater, soil, and drainage solutions for most projects; for special requirements, our skilled craftsmen can create unique castings to bespoke designs. Castings made to order can include radius gutters and ornamental rainwater heads. All standard products can be customised to meet your exact specifications: extended offsets, unusual angles, and special bracketry, for example, are easily accommodated by our in-house fabricators. To complement your property, custom paint finishes in any RAL colour can be supplied.

To chat with our dedicated team about cast iron and how it can be utilised in your project get in touch now. You can email or start a live chat. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Aluminium Gutters Direct Team.